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Dog lovers? Most certainly! Dog behavior experts? Hardly! We've tried to be good dog trainers and have often wished for the perfectly behaved dog.  But we find that we actually just prefer a bit of mischief and we enjoy seeing the lot of personality that comes with it in our four pawed companions. We have... Continue Reading →

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We’ve donated today to The Humane Society in honor of International Homeless Animals’ Day ~ To Help is Beautiful!

Joe and I often ask our precious Zuzu Sugars if she realizes the lap of luxury in which she has been so fortunate to land.  And as she gets her morning nap on one of our guest beds, I see that today is International Homeless Animals Day. It's hard to see those commercials or see... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Zuzu Sugars!

Look at this pretty girl taking it easy on the sofa.  She's had quite a busy morning! I can't believe it's been 2 years since we heard from the breeder that the puppies were here. We didn't know at the time which one of the sweeties would become ours, but we favored the black one... Continue Reading →

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The Tool Box ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

I was scared to answer the phone. The number of creditors calling just kept increasing. I wanted to pay them but I had lost my job five months before and my savings had run dry. Although, we'd still make the kids full sandwiches, my wife and I were eating peanut butter right from the jar.... Continue Reading →

In Honor of National Cheesecake Day!

Have you ever met anyone that didn't like a delightful cheesecake? Add an amazing cheesecake to any day & instantly make it better! If only we could eat cheesecake every day... once I read that today is National Cheesecake day, it has been preoccupying my thoughts. Now it's lunch time here on on the east... Continue Reading →

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Fresh Clean Water!

While considering charities to contribute to this month, I ran across charity: water. Did you know that 663 million people live without clean water? I knew that we take our fresh clean water for granted here and I knew that there were many across the globe without such a luxury, but I didn't realize just... Continue Reading →

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Summer is the perfect time to get out and experience the great American outdoors. ACE™ Brand wants to help you and your family have an outdoor adventure of a lifetime with our Get Outdoors with ACE™ Brand Sweepstakes. Enter now for your chance to win one of two grand prizes worth $2,500 to take your... Continue Reading →

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Chris Young is playing at Bridgestone Arena, September 22, 2018. Fill out the form below for a chance to win air travel to Music City, hotel accommodations, tickets to the show, and more! Round trip air travel on Southwest Airlines® for winner and one (1) guest to Nashville, TN Two (2) Night Hotel Accommodations at... Continue Reading →

A Movie with My Precious Son ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story!

When my son told me he didn't really care for the movie, I was a little worried. His fifth birthday was coming up and a couple of days earlier, I received a call from one of the mothers of a child attending about the movie as a gift. I told her I thought he would... Continue Reading →

The Friendship Garden ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

The sun beaming through the window made my eyes water. But its warmth and beauty awakened a stronger desire to recover completely from the injuries I endured in a life threatening car wreck. The months spent enduring surgeries and physical therapy were tougher than I would have imagined. But the recovery of my physical wounds... Continue Reading →

Granny’s Tea ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

It’s a nice glass of tea I thought as I sat at the patio restaurant on a warm summer’s evening enjoying dinner with friends. My mind suddenly wandered to the tea I enjoyed so many times as a child when I would visit my Granny Gladys. Her tea was known for miles around. It was... Continue Reading →

We Love Tea Collection! Enter the Hello Baby Hello World Sweepstakes Here!

Tea Collection has partnered with other fine merchants to give away $4,000 worth of remarkable prizes n the Hello Baby Hello World Sweepstakes! Learn more and enter here ~>  Hello Baby Hello World Sweepstakes To learn more about and shop Tea Collection, go here ~> Tea Collection

Special Olympics Will Celebrate 50 Years This Summer!

When it comes to special birthdays, we are certainly cheering on Special Olympics! They will celebrate their 50th birthday this summer. Our To HELP Is Beautiful charitable donation is going to Special Olympics this month. It's inspiring to think about how many have been touched by this amazing organization. To learn more about Special Olympics,... Continue Reading →

Art Gifting ~ The Bella Atto Gift Story

I admire the piece of artwork that hangs over my desk with such fond memories of the day it was given to me. It was my birthday and I was recently divorced but not yet dating. My family all lived in other states and my best friends at work did not want me to spend... Continue Reading →

Full Moon & A Missing Gamechanger!

Full Moon & A Missing Gamechanger! It was an impressive showing this morning as we walked our Zuzu Sugars. The moon presented with the type of glory that causes you to take notice and inspires wonder about the universe. In spite of my novice abilities to photograph nature very well, I did get a couple... Continue Reading →

Thank Goodness for Old Fords ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

Throughout high school, I gave my parents a lot of trouble. I didn't care much about following anyone's rules and was into a number of different things I shouldn't have been. After graduation, I went home with my parents but I had already arranged for a studio apartment across town. I didn't want to be... Continue Reading →

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