Thank Goodness for Old Fords ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

Throughout high school, I gave my parents a lot of trouble. I didn't care much about following anyone's rules and was into a number of different things I shouldn't have been. After graduation, I went home with my parents but I had already arranged for a studio apartment across town. I didn't want to be... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Magic ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

The morning of Valentine’s day I woke up with three red roses on the bed stand. At that point, my husband could have been done with Valentine’s day gifts and I would have been happy. I like to keep things simple but little did I know, he wasn't even close. I kissed him and thanked... Continue Reading →

REMARKABLE Fire Pit! Love It! <3

I've never been a big fan of fire pits.  Yes, of course I love toasted marshmallows!!  And the sweet glow of a pretty fire after the sun says its goodbye for the evening.  But the smoke, ugh.  It just always seems to find its way toward me, no matter where I stand or sit and... Continue Reading →

Veterans Day Walk by the Creek ~ by Zuzu Sugars ;)

I'm determined to help my humans stay in shape, or maybe I should say get in some kind of better shape, so I took them on a walk down by the creek this morning. The crisp and chilly wind blew the leaves around like feathers. Chasing leaves has become one of my favorite activities and... Continue Reading →

The Delightful Hum of a Garage Door ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

On the first night of Hanukkah we gave our son a car visor CD holder. He had landed his first job a few months before and was saving for his first car. On the second night, he got a box of tools and wrenches for him to work on his car. The third night we... Continue Reading →

Art Gifting ~ The Original Bella Atto Gift Story by LaVae Mathis

I admire the piece of artwork that hangs over my desk with such fond memories of the day it was given to me. It was my birthday and I was recently divorced but not yet dating. My family all lived in other states and my best friends at work did not want me to spend... Continue Reading →

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