REMARKABLE Fire Pit! Love It! <3

I’ve never been a big fan of fire pits.  Yes, of course I love toasted marshmallows!!  And the sweet glow of a pretty fire after the sun says its goodbye for the evening.  But the smoke, ugh.  It just always seems to find its way toward me, no matter where I stand or sit and becomes a huge deterrent to my enjoyment of a beautiful fire.

Aha! My husband decided to gift us with this amazing Solo Fire Pit. I’m certainly not a tech geek but this technology makes me oh so happy to say “Great Idea!” when hubby or the kids now say, “Let’s fire up the pit and make some s’mores!”.

Seriously, worth every penny and more… Definitely a LaVae’s Fave!

Check it out here ~> Take a Closer Look



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