Veterans Day Walk by the Creek ~ by Zuzu Sugars ;)

I’m determined to help my humans stay in shape, or maybe I should say get in some kind of better shape, so I took them on a walk down by the creek this morning.


The crisp and chilly wind blew the leaves around like feathers. Chasing leaves has become one of my favorite activities and I love it when daddy gets the leaf blower out which is pretty much daily now thanks to Autumn.

So many leaves to chase, so little time.


Seeing the Hawk swoop down toward the creek was a definite highlight for me this morning but I kept my dignity and decided to simply watch with my look of curious reserve communicating to Mr. Hawk, “come on down again and we’ll see what’s up” 😉

I tried tree climbing but didn’t get very far since I’m not a cat. I do like to chew the bark off trees though. But my humans said “not today Zuzu”.  Phooey!


It was a fairly simple outing and I’m now resting nicely in my favorite red leather chair. The one my mom would like to see find a new home but my dad and human brothers are attached to it and now it’s all mine.


Have a wonderful Veterans Day and if your humans have served or are serving, please tell them thank you. Living in this great country so that I can have humans that I take on walks and have fun with is a blessing that our service men and women help protect every day.

Much Love! xo



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