Valentine’s Magic ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story


The morning of Valentine’s day I woke up with three red roses on the bed stand. At that point, my husband could have been done with Valentine’s day gifts and I would have been happy. I like to keep things simple but little did I know, he wasn’t even close. I kissed him and thanked him before he took off for work.

In my car that morning, another red rose was left for me on the dash. I laughed and smiled a little. That’s when I started to realize that this was going to be a very good day. When I got to work there was another red rose on my desk. My bestie co-worker had helped him with this one.

Then to top that, I went to lunch that day at my usual place. Everyone at the counter seemed to look at me funny as I walked in. I didn’t quite get it at first. Then, one of the waitresses soon was dropping off another red rose at my table saying that my husband left it for me since he knew I was having lunch there that day. It was actually a little embarrassing but it felt amazing to think that he put so much work into it. I now had a half dozen beautiful red roses.

I was wondering if another rose would show up somewhere for the rest of the day but I didn’t see any more until I arrived home to find the remainder of the dozen waiting for me along with a wonderful box of my favorite chocolates.

My husband greeted me a few seconds later with the news that he was cooking dinner for us to eat by candlelight. I felt like the luckiest women in the world. It was a very good Valentine’s day. Not only were the gifts and dinner fabulous, but the effort and thought he put into the rose distribution was so special. I then gave him the cologne I had purchased for his gift and the rest of the night was magical!

See this story at Bella Atto ~> Valentine’s Magic


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