Full Moon & A Missing Gamechanger!

Full Moon & A Missing Gamechanger!

It was an impressive showing this morning as we walked our Zuzu Sugars. The moon presented with the type of glory that causes you to take notice and inspires wonder about the universe. In spite of my novice abilities to photograph nature very well, I did get a couple of shots.

Moon 2018.03.02

And then I wondered about the holes our Zuzu Sugars dug in the yard yesterday. Could it be she was already feeling the awe and inspiration of the coming full moon and didn’t know how to keep her energies in check? Or, was it that she is seriously missing her Gamechanger? What’s Zuzu’s Gamechanger you ask. It’s only the best dog toy ever (imo)!



This sweet gem of dog toy has proven to be worth its weight in gold.

You can get one for your four pawed ones here ~> Gamechanger Dog Toy

We just fill it with some of Zuzu’s favorite treats, and you’ve got one occupied and happy Canine, or, in Zuzu’s case, a very happy Canaan Dog! I don’t know of all Canaan Dogs are picky about their treats, but Zuzu certainly turns her nose up at most. Fortunately we have found that she loves Greenies. Joe cuts them up in small pieces so that they can fit and work for her in her Gamechanger.


For The Amazon’s Choice in Greenies, Go Here ~> Greenies

Much to Zuzu’s (and our) disappointment, we accidentally left the Gamechanger at our granddaughter’s when we went to visit recently… Reminder to self, send our daughter a shipping label so she can get it back to us. Although the $28.98 we spent on the Gamechanger is WELL WORTH IT, I think I’ll just spend $7 or so to have it shipped back.

Now, I’m off to send that label, deal with the holes in the yard, and do a little mud cleaning up in the house… all while Ms. Zuzu takes it easy napping now on one of the guest beds with her favorite foxy toy and bone.  She must be tired from all of her antics yesterday prior to the new moon.

Zuzu napping on a rainy day 2

Hope all ya’ll.. 😉  and all of Zuzu Sugar’s friends have a fabulous weekend! I think the weather is supposed to be nicer here in Georgia. Since we’re all longing for Spring, let’s hope so!

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