Granny’s Cooking ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story


It’s a nice glass of tea I thought as I sat at the patio restaurant on a warm summer’s evening enjoying dinner with friends. My mind suddenly wandered to the tea I enjoyed so many times as a child when I would visit my Granny Gladys. Her tea was known for miles around. It was the kind of southern tea that is spoken of in summer time novels, sweet, heavy, and oh so satisfying!

As our food arrives, I remember the fried okra and sweet garden corn that she would make a point to fix up special when she knew we were coming for dinner. Granny Gladys was such a wonderful southern cook and cooking up our favorite foods was one of the ways she showed her love. When she made that warm and toasty cornbread in her favorite iron skillet, you would see the entire family light up.

Those meals with my beloved grandparents were some of the best times I remember with them.  My Granddaddy Harry was a real cut-up and would make us laugh and laugh during those meals.

Such a simple thing it may seem when you’re a child, to have dinner with grandparents. But now that they are gone, that simplicity mingled with those fun memories and tasty meals reminds me that the best gifts are indeed time with people you love and admire.

My thoughts return to my cherished friends as we enjoy a wonderful meal together and I feel blessed and grateful. I also decide that when I return home I will dig out that cookbook my Granny gave me years ago and try to locate her very special tea recipe!

See this story at Bella Atto ~> Granny’s Cooking

The featured image for this gift story is me with my grandparents, Harry & Gladys, on my 15th Birthday.  I sure do miss them.

To Give Is Beautiful & here’s wishing all of you a day full of whatever makes your life beautiful!

Much Love!

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