A Movie with My Precious Son ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story!


When my son told me he didn’t really care for the movie, I was a little worried. His fifth birthday was coming up and a couple of days earlier, I received a call from one of the mothers of a child attending about the movie as a gift. I told her I thought he would like it.

Uh Oh, a lot of thoughts began to run through my head. What if he says something at the party? What if he acts disappointed about the gift and upsets the other boy? I was worried to the point that I ended up not being very subtle when I asked him how he would feel if he received the movie as a gift from someone. After I said this, I realized how obvious this must be. He then told me he did not want it for his birthday. We then became distracted by a phone call I had to take regarding work. It slipped my mind afterward to speak with him about it.

On the day of the party, as he picked up the gift, I remembered. I closed my eyes slightly hoping it would go well. He opened the gift. Much to my surprise, he appeared very surprised and happy with it. He thanked the other child just like every other gift before.

YES! I was celebrating in my head. A few minutes later when no one was looking my son looked at me and put a funny smile on his face similar to a wink. Apparently, he knew how to act all along.

He told me later that although he didn’t really like the movie all that much initially, he felt a little differently about it given that his friend gave it to him. We watched it again last night and I, myself, enjoyed every minute of it with my gift of a great and precious son!

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