Bella Atto Gift Stories!

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Art Gifting! – I admire the piece of artwork that hangs over my sofa with such fond memories of the day it was given to me. It was my…Read More

The Delightful Hum of a Garage Door – On the first night of Hanukkah, we gave our son a car visor CD holder. He had landed his first job a few…Read More

Valentine’s Magic! – The morning of Valentine’s Day I woke up, glanced at the clock on the night stand, and there I saw three…Read More

Thank Goodness for Old Fords – Throughout high school, I gave my parents a lot of trouble. I didn’t care about following rules. After…Read More

Double Golden Hoops – There once was a lovely mommy with a handsome hubby and a sweet adorable little boy. When the little boy was…Read More

The Tool Box! – I was scared to answer the phone. The number of creditors calling just kept increasing. I wanted to pay them but…Read More

The Christmas Ring – My daughter and I were shopping one day a couple of weeks before Christmas. I was excited because it had been…Read More

The Friendship Garden – The sun beaming through the window made my eyes water. But its warmth and beauty awakened…Read More

All Shook Up – I intentionally didn’t tell my co-workers about my birthday. I’m not a big fan of the whole cake and gifts thing. I always feel like it’s…Read More

Who’s Teaching Who – We were walking through a department store. It was a few days before Christmas and I was feeling rather tired and…Read More

Thank Goodness for Maple Syrup – When I woke up, my husband told me to stay in bed. It was so cliche, but I knew it was going to be…Read More

Mystery Plow – What a snowstorm we had on the day of our housewarming party. My wife and I were feeling pretty disappointed. We knew we would…Read More

Birthday Forgotten – My husband forgot my birthday again. I knew it the day before. He didn’t say a word about it. I even tried to hint to…Read More

Spicy but Wonderful – The sweat was running down my face as I ate it. My host family’s mother cooked it for me. I was going to spend two…Read More

A Movie with My Precious Son – When my son told me he didn’t like the movie, I was a little worried. His birthday was coming up and a couple…Read More

One Hundred Flowers – My birthday was coming up and I was not very happy about it. My 30th I didn’t flinch over, but my 40th felt like…Read More

Enchantingly Nervous – We had been dating three years at the time. We’d talked about it a month or so before Valentine’s day. It sounded like…Read More

They Might as Well Have Been Wrapped – Don’t forget about the gift that’s truly important on Thanksgiving. Our family got a reminder…Read More

Granny’s Cooking – It’s a nice glass of tea I thought as I sat at the patio restaurant on a warm summer’s evening dinner with friends. My mind suddenly…Read More

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