Happy Birthday Zuzu Sugars!

Look at this pretty girl taking it easy on the sofa.  She’s had quite a busy morning!

Zuzu 2

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we heard from the breeder that the puppies were here. We didn’t know at the time which one of the sweeties would become ours, but we favored the black one of the litter straight away when we received pictures.  She had a cute touch of white around her wee little nose along with a bright white flash on her chest and a bit on her feetsies!

It’s funny too… I had a dream before we even knew we would be getting another dog that we had a black dog and it wasn’t one we had before in the dream. When I had that dream, we were thinking we may just take a doggie break when our other beloved furbabies left us, but we didn’t hold that thought too long. Those that know us well knew we wouldn’t because we love dogs so much!

Come October, my sweetheart husband, made the trip north to Chicago to pick her up from the breeder. I was so excited, I could hardly sit still. I was also concerned about her being on the plane since they require she stay in her carrier nicely tucked under the seat…I was worried. But she slept like a baby for my husband on the plane and things went just beautifully.

I decided before getting involved in other activities this morning, I would take her to the park early, ya know, given it’s her birthday and all. 🙂

We walked and then she played with a few other doggie pals in the doggie area. This all came after getting an early morning walk with daddy before he left for work. So she’s feeling pretty relaxed this afternoon.

I should have taken my camera to the park. My phone just doesn’t do her justice, but here she is as we were about to leave the park and head home.

Zuzu 2 yrs

She was certainly ready to eat, drink, & relax when we got in. Life is beautiful for our Zuzu Sugars & that makes us happy. I’m not sure how we’ll celebrate this evening, but everyday is a celebration when you love a pet because To Love a Pet is Beautiful!

Wishing everyone a day full of whatever makes your life beautiful!

Much Love!

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