Happy Birthday Zuzu Sugars!

Look at this pretty girl taking it easy on the sofa.  She's had quite a busy morning! I can't believe it's been 2 years since we heard from the breeder that the puppies were here. We didn't know at the time which one of the sweeties would become ours, but we favored the black one... Continue Reading →


The Tool Box ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

I was scared to answer the phone. The number of creditors calling just kept increasing. I wanted to pay them but I had lost my job five months before and my savings had run dry. Although, we'd still make the kids full sandwiches, my wife and I were eating peanut butter right from the jar.... Continue Reading →

In Honor of National Cheesecake Day!

Have you ever met anyone that didn't like a delightful cheesecake? Add an amazing cheesecake to any day & instantly make it better! If only we could eat cheesecake every day... once I read that today is National Cheesecake day, it has been preoccupying my thoughts. Now it's lunch time here on on the east... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Magic ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

The morning of Valentine’s day I woke up with three red roses on the bed stand. At that point, my husband could have been done with Valentine’s day gifts and I would have been happy. I like to keep things simple but little did I know, he wasn't even close. I kissed him and thanked... Continue Reading →

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