In Honor of National Cheesecake Day!

Have you ever met anyone that didn't like a delightful cheesecake? Add an amazing cheesecake to any day & instantly make it better! If only we could eat cheesecake every day... once I read that today is National Cheesecake day, it has been preoccupying my thoughts. Now it's lunch time here on on the east... Continue Reading →


The Friendship Garden ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

The sun beaming through the window made my eyes water. But its warmth and beauty awakened a stronger desire to recover completely from the injuries I endured in a life threatening car wreck. The months spent enduring surgeries and physical therapy were tougher than I would have imagined. But the recovery of my physical wounds... Continue Reading →

Granny’s Tea ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story

It’s a nice glass of tea I thought as I sat at the patio restaurant on a warm summer’s evening enjoying dinner with friends. My mind suddenly wandered to the tea I enjoyed so many times as a child when I would visit my Granny Gladys. Her tea was known for miles around. It was... Continue Reading →

REMARKABLE Fire Pit! Love It! <3

I've never been a big fan of fire pits.  Yes, of course I love toasted marshmallows!!  And the sweet glow of a pretty fire after the sun says its goodbye for the evening.  But the smoke, ugh.  It just always seems to find its way toward me, no matter where I stand or sit and... Continue Reading →

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