We Know You’re Having Fun Up There!

In honor of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day... When I saw that today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance day, I teared up thinking about our precious Tigger and amazing Ranger. Most would associate the name Tigger with a cat right? But our sweet little Maltese was given his name by our kids because of the way he... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday Zuzu Sugars!

Look at this pretty girl taking it easy on the sofa.  She's had quite a busy morning! I can't believe it's been 2 years since we heard from the breeder that the puppies were here. We didn't know at the time which one of the sweeties would become ours, but we favored the black one... Continue Reading →

Dog lovers? Most certainly! Dog behavior experts? Hardly! We've tried to be good dog trainers and have often wished for the perfectly behaved dog.  But we find that we actually just prefer a bit of mischief and we enjoy seeing the lot of personality that comes with it in our four pawed companions. We have... Continue Reading →

Full Moon & A Missing Gamechanger!

Full Moon & A Missing Gamechanger! It was an impressive showing this morning as we walked our Zuzu Sugars. The moon presented with the type of glory that causes you to take notice and inspires wonder about the universe. In spite of my novice abilities to photograph nature very well, I did get a couple... Continue Reading →

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